SWATCHES | Kat von D metal crush

Today I am bringing you some swatches of the Kat Von D metal crush shadows. Like you all know metallic makeup is everywhere right now, and even though it took me some time to get used to it, I am now addicted.

I have rarely seen and eyeshadow as pigmented as the Kat Von D metal crush shadows, these are packed full with pigments, and the payoff is amazing. The formula is also surprisingly creamy given that we’re talking about a metallic shadow, and these are not usually as finely milled as traditional eyeshadows.

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SWATCHES | Kat von D eye contour quad

Kat von d eye contour quad

Today I have some swatches for you of the brand new kat Von D eye Contour quad. I’m sure most of you have already heard of her eye Contour palette, well here are some smaller versions of it, with some incredible new shades.

I love the kat Von D eye Contour palette, but I have to say it is not the most handy for traveling or touching up during the day. What this little quads bring me, is the same quality as the original eye Contour palette, in a much more portable format, and that’s all I’m asking for.

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SWATCHES | kat von D everlasting liquid lipstick

Kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick

Hello guys, today and bringing you some new swatches of one of my favorite liquid lipstick, the kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick. I am sure you already know that if you have read my review of these product, but I am a big fan of Kat Von D products in general, and this one in particular. The Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita, is the first liquid lipstick I ever bought, and it’s marked the beginning of my obsession with this kind of lipsticks.

I will not tell you a lot more about it in this post, because I’m already going over everything in my review ( read it HERE). So all I will say for now is that it is an amazing product, with some insanely beautiful shades, as you will see in the swatches I have made especially for you.

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REVIEW | Kat Von D alchemist palette.

Today I felt like talking to you about a very weird and interesting palette, the Kant Von D alchemist palette. This little triangular palette is made to work on the lips, eyes and face either on it´s own or as a transformer. You can apply it on top of any other shade and it will immediately transform it or you can use it on it’s own for some mega shine.
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«Holographic Palette! Feast your eyes on four magical prismatic shades, which you can wear solo or layer to your heart’s content.

Kat’s super-special hybrid formula features DoubleDimension Technology: 360° refractive pearls dipped in a prismatic coating, for 2 times the transforming power with every stroke of your brush (bonus: a little goes a long way!). Part highlighter, part topcoat, part transformer, this palette is filled with endless luminizing possibilities: Strobe cheekbones, eyes, nose, lips, collarbone, Cupid’s bow— dust Alchemist literally anywhere you want an extreme iridescent highlight!”


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REVIEW | Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

Kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

Jim Rohn.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing wonderful, personally I am so excited right now, I have been wondering for a while now which would be my very first article for this blog, and I have finally decided that it would be about one of my favorite beauty products, the everlasting liquid lipstick by Kat Von D. I have been so obsessed with this product the for past few weeks that I just knew I had to write about it and share my love for this amazing lipstick with all of you.

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