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the Anastasia dipbrow pomade, must be one of the most talked-about products on YouTube, and after using it for a couple weeks I can definitely see why. I have never been one to care a lot about my brows, but with the importance they have acquired during the last couple of years in the makeup industry, I have learned what a huge difference a pair of well-shaped brows can make. and This is just what the Anastasia dipbrow Pomade will help us achieve.
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An award-winning waterproof, multitasking, and buildable matte pomade that stays put. Apply and blend a small amount of Anastasia dipbrow Pomade with an angled brow brush to effortlessly outline, fill, and texturize brows.

Long-lasting and smudge-proof

High-pigment formula glides on easily and dries fast

Acts as an all-in-one brow product

*Available in 11 shades

The packaging of the Anastasia dipbrow pomade.

First of all, let’s begin by talking about the packaging of the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade. Actually there is not much to say, it is a small glass jar with a black plastic cap, engraved with the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo. The jar itself is pretty sturdy, and it sure isn’t going to break anytime soon, believe me I have dropped it like a couple hundred times. To resume the packaging is simple, sleep, easy to use and to travel with.

The jar contains 4 grams of product, which, believe me, is going to last you a very long time, given you only need a very small amount of product for every application.

The shades of the Anastasia dipbrow pomade.

They are 11 shades of the anastasia dipbrow pomade available. I think this is amazing, and not many Brands give you such a wide range of shades to choose from.

Doing your brows it is very important to use a shade that is as close as possible to your natural brow color, in order to get a result as natural as possible, at least that’s what I like. That’s why for me it is very important that the product has a good array of Shades that I can choose from. And havingdark brows I often only get to choose between black and light brown, so I am so thankful that I finally get to pick the right shade for me.

The formula of the Anastasia dipbrow pomade.

When it comes to the formula of Anastasia dipbrow pomade, I have to say that it takes a bit of a learning curve to get used to it but once you do you just cannot live without it. The formula is very creamy and super pigmented, like I already said a little goes a long way. Once applied it went very well into a natural bro and it will stay there all day until you remove it.

When applying it’s what I first noticed is that the texture is so smooth and glided so well into my brows which makes it very very easy to get to desired shape.

How to use the Anastasia dipbrow pomade.

On how to apply Anastasia dipbrow pomade, I personally prefer to apply it a little at a time with small hair-like strokes. If you have ever tried the anastacio Brow Wiz, I would advise you to be a bit more careful with these products, since the finished look is indeed a bit Bolder than with Brow Wiz. when working with this product I like to take my time, principally to avoid going overboard with it, believe me it happens very quickly and very easily.


To resume I think I have found my holy grail brow product, at 18 $ it is a bit pricey, but like I already said a little goes a very long way, and unlike all the products of this type I have already used it will not dry down. Some of my friends have asked me if I prefer this one or the bro wiz which is also very popular, and the response if that it depends the look I want to achieve. If I want a softer more natural Look I will use the brow wiz. But if what I am looking for is more put together, and glamorous look I will go directly for the anastasia dipbrow pomade.

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