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If there is a makeup applicator in the world that needs no introduction, it definitely is the Beautyblender. This little egg shaped sponge has taken over the beauty world over the past few years and I could not imagine a single blogger, youtuber or beauty addict that does not know about it or own it.

And which is the reason for it´s popularity? Well, it´s very simple, it is basically the perfect tool to achieve a flawless and natural looking base. The beautyblender makes achieving that perfect canvas we all wish for as simple as breathing, it blends the product like a dream and lives you with a photoshopped, yet natural, finish.

According to the the beautyblender company,  this perfect application is due to its innovative material, which ensures a smooth and uniform blending, to its egg shaped design which allows to blend both small and large areas and the lack of edges that prevents lines and streaks.

I personally have no idea about what this little sponge is made of or how it works its magic, I only know I am addicted to it. It has become an absolute necessity for me when doing my makeup and I truly cannot remember how I used to blend my concealer without it.

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How does it work?

Now lets get a bit more specific about how it works.

First of all lets talk about the application, you can use it wet or dry, I personally prefer to use it wet, it expends and it gets so much more squishy. Once your beautyblender is wet just dip it into your foundation and blend, or if you are like me and you prefer to apply your foundation to your face in small dots, go directly to the blending part.

And how do you blend your foundation with the beautyblender? easy peasy, just bounce it all over your face until you get the result you want, it´s that simple, just bounce it and let it do all the hard work for you.

Once you are down you will be left with a perfectly blended and even finish, and the best part is that it will look super natural and not cakey at all!

The beautyblender blends all liquids or creme products, but it is also perfect for baking and setting your under eyes concealer. just dip it into your loose powder and apply.

Types of Beautyblender

Apart from the iconic, pink beauty blender we all know about, they have came out with other ones. Nowadays there are 7 different types of beautyblender available, and it is pretty easy to get confused, that´s why I am going to tell you a little about each one.

The original Beautyblender

This is the original Beautyblender, it is the first one they came with and the most iconic, you really cannot miss it. It blends everything like a dream and gives you a natural finish.

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The pro Beautyblender

The pro Beautyblender is my personal favorite, even tho on the website they say that the change of color is mainly so that darker products wont stain as badly, I find that it gives me better coverage and overall does a better job than the original one.

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The pure Beautyblender.

This one has been made without any die specifically to use with skincare to ensure a perfect and even skincare application.

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The nude Beautyblender. 

The nude Beautyblender has been made to celebrate flawless, natural looking skin. It will give you that no makeup, makeup look we all want.

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The royal Beautyblender

The royal Beautyblender is a special purple edition of the Beautyblender, there is nothing special about it besides from its color.

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The red carpet Beauty blender

As with the royal one, the Red Carpet Beautyblender has nothing special about it besides its color. But there has been a few complains about the dye bleeding when cleaning it.

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The bubble Beauty blender

The bubble Beautyblender is the newest one, it has been made to celebrate the company 15th anniversary, and even tho there is nothing special about it besides its color, I just love the way it looks, for me this is the prettiest one so far.

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