REVIEW | Becca backlight priming filter.

Today I wanted to tell you about another primer, and the winner of the day is the Becca backlight priming filter, this little beauty illuminates you complexion at the same time as it blurs all your imperfections and makes your skin look flawless.
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“BECCA’s beautiful illuminating Backlit Priming Filter is the ultimate foil for dulled skin showing signs of fatigue. Ultra-subtle, ‘soft focus’ pigments blur the visibility of imperfections – refracting and diffusing light to lend skin a flawless, lit-from-within look – like somebody inside your head just switched a lamp on (and who doesn’t want that?). With a featherweight texture, this melts into skin – blending seamlessly to create an enviably smooth and dewy canvas – while antioxidant vitamin E and tightening liquorice extract combine to brighten, firm and ward against free radical-attack. The ultimate first step in your make up ritual, this is essentially a photographic filter in a bottle. (from”

The packaging

First of all lets talk about the packaging, it comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle and it has a pump, which I am always grateful for. It is very high-end and pretty sturdy, but I would be careful with it being glass, make sure you don’t drop it!


The formula

It has a very nice formula, a bit thicker and more creamy than Becca´s shimmering skin perfector. It has a lovely golden beige shade with some pearlescent in it that looks super natural once applied. And it also has a light fragrance to it that I am incapable to describe (I am sooo bad at describing smells), but it is not bothering at all.


Becca backlight priming filter review


How to apply it

You can use the Becca backlight priming filter either applied directly onto the skin on its own or under foundation, or you can also blend it directly with your foundation before applying. I prefer to apply it under my foundation first but it is a personal preference. I use a damp beauty blender to really blend it into my skin and to make it look as natural as posible but I have also had some very good results using a flat brush, again it is up to you to see what you like best.I have to say that my foundation does spread easily applied on top of it.


The result

The Becca backlight priming filter has a very luminous finish, not shimmery at all, just glowy. Once applied you get that light from within kind of look that you can either accentuate using a dewy foundation or tone down with a matte foundation. One thing I love is that it illuminates without  emphasizing any pores, actually it blurs my pores, and believe me, this is much needed.

Once applied it does not really extend the wear of the foundation, it just makes it look a lot prettier during the time it does last. And if you have oily skin like me it will look a bit more greasy than usual after a few hours, this is the reason why I usually only use it for special events.


Becca backlight priming filter review



To resume the Becca backlight priming filter is a great illuminating primer, a bit pricey tho (36 pounds). I would recommend it to you if you have dry skin and you are looking for something that gets rid of the dullness without emphasizing the texture of your skin, if this is what you are looking for, go for it! If you have oily skin like me I would recommend you to get maybe a more mattifying primer or use it only on special occasions like I do. Oe last thing I would like to point out about this product is that it is NOT animal tested, I don’t know about you but this really is important for me when buying a product.

Get it HERE.

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