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Hi guys! I hope you are all doing really, really well ! Today I am doing a review on one of my favorite foundations, in fact I love it so much that I am already planning a trip to Sephora to get a new on since mine is almost finished. I honestly think that for me, this is my number one everyday foundation, I have been using it for four months now and I absolutely adore it and recommend it to everyone.

I first heard about this foundation watching a first impressions on youtube and immediately knew that I wanted to try it, so after reading a few reviews I decided to get it and oh men, I do not regret this decision. I bought it, applied it and… fell in love.

“Portable perfection for full-face coverage, or bare-minimum touch-ups. Creamy, moisturizing foundation stick blends easily. Builds from sheer to moderate coverage with a natural finish. Long-wearing. Oil-free.”

Clinique claims that the chubby in the nude foundation stick ( By the way this name is so cute, it always makes me think of a very chubby kitten or puppy, I don´t know why but it does) is the perfect foundation for a full face application as well as for local touch-ups, with a sheer to moderate coverage and made for all skin types, which is a pretty big claim considering that what works wonders for dry skins usually ends up being a nightmare for oily skins. So lets begin with the actual review and see how good it actually performs ( even if my intro is a bit of a spoiler).

Beginning with the packaging I really don´t think there is a lot to say about it, it is pretty much a standard form of packaging when it comes to stick makeup products, you just have to twist it and the product will come out. One of the thinks I did like about it is that its color corresponds to the shade of the foundation which makes finding the shade you are looking for a lot easier if you own more than one. It also is very easy to carry around if you need to touch up during the day.

Clinique chubby in the nude stick foundation

Now talking about the actual foundation, it has a slightly thick texture when you first apply it but it blends super easily to a very natural and lightweight finish, and it doesn’t emphasize your pores which is something I love considering that I have the hugest pores ever, also it is amazing for touching up during the day.What really made me fall in love with this foundation is the buildable coverage, my skin is far from being great, I have hyper pigmentation, some scarring and now and then some very very annoying zits, so I love a foundation that can give me a sheer coverage for those zit-free days but that also allows me to build it up to a fuller coverage ( I said fuller not full coverage) on those bad skin days without looking cakey at all. The fact that it looks just as natural with two layers or more as with one layer amazes me every single time, and makes me fall in love with it all over again.

chubby in the nude stick foundation, 06 intense ivory
Shade 06, Intense Ivory

Like advertised the Clinique Chubby in the nude foundation stick is creamy and moisturizing which is great and not so great. It is great because it does not grab onto dry patches or zits and gives you a super flawless finish but it is not so great because on oily skins, and my skin is extremely oily, it may be a bit too moisturizing and creamy and it does not prevent your face from shinning as well as a matte foundation would. That been said, it does not accentuate the oiliness like some other foundations do, it just doesn’t prevent it as well as a foundation made specifically for oily skins would.

After reading this parts and knowing that my skin is crazy oily you may wonder why I love this foundation so much apart from its buildable coverage. Well I love it so much because unlike all of those high coverage, mattifying foundations out there ( It seems to bee impossible to find a foundation made for oily skin that does not have high coverage) it makes my skin look like skin, it does not make my face look glowy or matte it just makes it look flawless in a very natural way and that is exactly what I want my everyday foundation to do. And what do I do for all the oil that constantly comes out of my pores? well I just use a moisturizer, primer and finishing powder made for oily skin and it does the job, personally I do not mind the extra work because I do it anyway with every single foundation, but if you are someone with oily skin who likes to skip the primer, apply the foundation an leave, you may want to look for some other options.

clinique chubby in the nude 06, intense ivory



  • Easy to apply: it is extremely easy and fast to blend it out and it leaves zero streaks behind, it is also perfect for touch ups.
  • Finish: It gives you a very natural and flawless finish without looking cakey, perfect for everyday wear.
  • Buildable: This product is very buildable and it will give you the same natural finish no matter if you apply one layer or more.
  • texture: it is super creamy and lightweight, you actually forget that you are wearing makeup and it does not grab onto any dry patches.


  • Not the best for oily skin: Like I said this is not a foundation that will counteract any of the oiliness on your face, so I recommend using a moisturizer, primer and finishing powder made especially for oily skin.

To resume the Clinique Chubby in the nude foundation stick is a very very nice foundation that will give you a flawless and very natural skin-like finish. It is super easy to build up and it does not look cakey at all, the texture is super creamy so it does not grab onto any dry patches, and it blends like a dream. The only downside is that since it is not made specifically for oily skins it will not counteract any shininess. It is my favorite foundation right now and it has been so for the past three months, I really think they did an amazing job with it and I would recommend it to everyone out there.

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